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Best mid-priced Android phones 2022

If you're looking to buy a new phone. Check out some of the best mid-range Android phones we've reviewed and ranked.

If you’re looking to buy a new phone. Check out some of the best mid-range Android phones we’ve reviewed and ranked.

In this list we cover phones range from $300- $600 range. That being said, we have a list of the best smartphones. You can find anything more expensive there. And if you’re looking for something even cheaper than a mid-priced phone, then you can find those in our best cheap smartphone list.

Mid-range smartphones offer a lot for a lower price. You may have to compromise on the camera or build quality, but most people won’t notice the difference. but the savings you get from going with the lower range of phones can be worth it in some circumstances. The top-end models on offer are still flagships in their own right.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

The OnePlus Nord N10 5G feels as good to hold as any other phone here for its price. It’s noticeably less slim and has a more plastic feel. It might not be the top-tier model, but the features are good. And better yet, it won’t cost you more at all!

This phone isn’t water or dust resistant. It saves a lot of costs and we think it’s worth that trade-off for most people. It does have a headphone jack, which is great, and there’s also only one color option called Midnight Ice. The front has a selfie camera hole and the back has the rear camera in one corner. The fingerprint sensor is on the back too. OnePlus Nord N10 5G has a 16MP front-facing camera and the photos you take with the rear camera are alright. OnePlus Nord N10 5G features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 5G chipset, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. this can be expanded with a microSD card if you need more storage. Overall, the phone is great for its price. It has a good camera and offers long battery life.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a flagship at an affordable price. It delivers everything you need, and nothing else. The Galaxy S20FE is really targeted toward social media generation. The front camera, for example is much better than the back one. Oh, and it comes in 6 colors – a lot more color options than any other smartphone. You can get it in Navy, Lavender, Mint, Red, White or Orange.

Samsung has made some of the design aspects of this phone cheaper to make it more affordable, but it still looks & feels great. The display is fine, and the 120Hz option will enhance the scrolling effect for gamers. Galaxy S20 FE has three rear lenses and a front camera for selfies. It’s one of the most affordable phone camera options out there. Galaxy S20 FE runs on a Snapdragon 865 processor and pairs that with 6GB of RAM. You get 128GB of local storage built-in, which can be upgraded up to 1TB by using a microSD. The battery life on a GalaxyS20 FE is excellent: it has a huge 4,500 mAh battery – and if you’re doing things like scrolling and gaming, which both take up power from this large screen, it’ll still last pretty well. Overall it is a great mid range/mid priced smartphone with good camera.

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OnePlus 8T

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This is a slight upgrade from the previous model, but has an overall good design that is more in line with the firm’s mid-range devices, for example, OnePlus Nord. It’s a great smartphone with plenty of features to give you an edge. OnePlus 8T has a pretty solid screen. It provides a great viewing experience for any media and games, with its 6.55-inch AMOLED panel, and fast refresh rate of 120Hz. Plus it also has an in-display fingerprint sensor that’s really accurate.

Battery life in 8T is awesome, the 8T lasts for an entire day with a single charge . What if you run out of battery and need a quick charge? Well, you aren’t out of luck, ’cause this has fast charging. There’s nothing outstanding with the 48MP primary camera on the OnePlus 8T, but it’s not that much worse than what you have. Many will appreciate this upgrade when deciding to switch phones- And it has 16MP as the ultra-wide camera, 5MP for macro shots and 2MP for monochrome. You’re able to choose between 128GB or 256GB of storage. The 128GB option comes with 8GB of RAM, whereas the 256GB model has 12 GB.

OnePlus 8T is a mid-range priced phone with excellent features. It’s solidly made, has a great display & fast charging for when you don’t have much time. The software from OnePlus is also brilliant but with average camera performance, it might be missing something that would make it better. The camera aside, the rest of the phone is great.

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Galaxy A52 5G

Galaxy A52 5G achieves a good balance between costs, features and quality. The build of this phone is good. It’s not the best, but it feels nice and doesn’t cost a lot which is ideal for a phone that is going to be mid-priced.

The design of the phone is really modern. It has curved edges along the plastic casing, thin bezels on the sides and a matte finish. This phone boasts a high-res screen, with the selfie camera cut out into the shape of a hole in the upper part for example. You can choose between two different refresh rates – 120Hz or 60Hz. The higher the refresh rate, the sharper your graphics will be and when it comes to games or other apps. The screen is probably the best thing on Galaxy A52 phone. A52 5G has four rear cameras which allow it to take decent looking photos. In darker situations, it’s more difficult to good photo quality. It’s worth toggling the Night Mode on your phone if you need to get somewhat better photos with low light. However, you will sacrifice some of the quality you would get from a flagship device in low-light. Samsung A52 5G is powered by a 4,500mAh battery. Samsung says that the phone can last for 2 days on a full charge. It’s safe to say that the Galaxy A52 5G is an eye-catching mid-priced smartphone option. It features a stylish design, AMOLED display, and 5G connectivity,

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Motorola Edge


Motorola Edge, it’s Motorola’s best-looking phone in a while. You can’t go wrong with a phone that both looks good & has all the bells and whistles. It’s a conversation starter and has the high quality features you expect from any flagship phone, but without the hefty price tag. This phone does feels fast because of the 90Hz screen&765G processor. It should meet the needs of most customers. . Motorola EDGE has a triple-camera lens system – Wide, ultrawide and zoom. They take photos that are brighter and more real than ever before. Motorola has done an awesome job with the Edge battery. It has a 4500mah capacity which means it won’t run out quick. It’ll last day or two, no problem.

You can’t go wrong with the Motorola Edge, It has 5G so it’s future-proof, great battery life, a good screen and the camera’s as good as most.

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