We’re Breaking Things Up!

Yea, so right about now you’re probably wondering just what the hell is going on. And if you’ve never been in the IRC channel when we’ve discussed the changes we’re making to The New Tech your concern is probably justified.  But rest assured we’re not going anywhere. Quite the contrary!

We’re migrating content from one site into three different sites.  That’s right, same content just three different places to find it.  Now you’re probably asking yourself, “WTF DID YOU DO MATT?!” and I’m sure you’re not alone.  But ultimately we decided the best way to get three different types of content out to people was to create three different but similar sites.

Thus I present to you the following sites.

  • TheNewTech.info – Where you can find all of our community created articles.
  • TheNewTech.fm – Where all of our great podcasts have migrated to!
  • TheNewTech.tv – We’ll be building this out in the next couple of weeks to be a far more robust website than just showing videos of our past episodes.  This will have native podcasting and show information functionality built into it, along with the ability for our community members to post their own video stuff to others!
  • TheNewTechNetwork.com – Finally this is an umbrella site where all of the new sites reside under.  We’ve simplified the process of creating and syncing accounts by rolling all users into this one network site.  This goes for forum usernames and passwords as well.  So if you’ve been signed up with us before, unfortunately we weren’t able to bring over your info.  So sign up again!

I know some of you are wondering why we’re making these changes.  And to be truthfull with you we simply outgrew the old site. Wanting to focus on podcasts, articles, and videos on a single portal makes everything extremely busy.  But the three sites aren’t entirely separate.  We’ll have a ticker at the bottom of each site highlighting the newest and best content from all three sites that will scroll so that you don’t miss a single bit of New Tech Community goodness!

Doing things this way also allows us to customize each site in the event we feel things aren’t working out in one way or another.

And as always, if you have a suggestion PLEASE contact us at info@thenewtech.tv

– Matt