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TNTLIVE004 – From BitCoin Mining to Windows Metro Designing

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Join Matt, Mike, and Wess in this action packed drunken slop-fest of an episode where the boys take you down the road and back again. They discuss K-mart, Boston, Bitcoins, Windows, Porn, Chinese Food, and more... ...

November Announcement!

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Wanted to give you guys a quick head's up on the changes for November and December as well as throw down The New Tech November Nerdcore Challenge. Watch the quick video for details, but essentially, we will have a ...

TNTLIVE002 – From Drugs to Nerd Dreams

2.09K Views4 Comments

If you missed out on the second LIVE show: Now you can catch up with Matt, Mike, and Wess in the recording of the second LIVE episode of The New Tech... Watch the guys take on subjects like Legalized Marijuana t...

TNT006 – Floppy Copy & Begging

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Episode 6! This marks the first Community segment to grace a full episode! So we wanted to really make it the focus of the episode... so we didn't do anything else! That's not REALLY what happened, you can find out...

TNT007 – Beer Infused HTPC’s & Arcade Games

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On this episode of The New Tech Mike finally gets to build his long lusted after arcade cabinet with a little help from his friends! Matt dives into a whole home media center solution because Boxee loves to screw w...

TNTLIVE003 – From Papal Resignations to Apple Stagnations

3.62K Views2 Comments

Join Matt, Mike, and Wess in the re-living of the third LIVE episode of The New Tech... Watch the guys take on subjects like Meteor Strikes, Pope resignations, and some ACTUAL tech talk about Win8, iOS, Netgear, an...

TNT001 – Motion Detecting Webcam w/ Notifications & Media Ripping Tech War

2.15K Views2 Comments

That's right, it is finally here... Episode 1 Release Date: September 21, 2011 In this episode: Motion Detecting Webcam w/ Email Notifications Mac vs PC Media Ripping Tech War Starring: Matt, Mike In th...

TNT008 – Raspberry Pi & Yummy CLI

4.05K Views2 Comments

In This Episode: Matt tackles our first (of hopefully many submissions and topics) Raspberry Pi segment by taking that little guy and swapping out the OS with a Thin-Client-Friendly version, then making it auto loa...

TNT002 – DIY Screen Printing & XBOX 360 Fight Sticks

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This time on The New Tech... We highlight our first DIY segment!  When you're a community who has next to no money, how do you go about getting merchandise out to those who want to support you?  We have the answer!...

TNT003 – ESXi Home Lab & The Ultimate Privacy Monitor

4.65K Views5 Comments

On this episode of The New Tech... Matt's back with virtualization, and building a cost effective home server lab using enterprise components in as little space as possible. Meanwhile, Mike's filling in for Wess...

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