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I love the Internet

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Seriously. I freaking love the Internet... and its not for the easily accessible and high grade porn that is so feverishly splayed across almost every page of the place either. I love the Internet because of the crea...

What A Week

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Its been a while since I've sat down and just written a blog article... I know we wanted to have at least a weekly update for the blog when we originally got started, and we've been failing at keeping that schedule......

Content Delivery Changes Coming Soon!

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After the first live show... we got to talking. Talking about the types of content we are currently putting out, and the types of content we WILL be putting out in the future... and we came up with a plan. This plan...

Matt Vlog 001 – Sick and hating it

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So this is my first vlog entry inspired by Mike. It also happens to be the time when I was sick as a dog with a 102.5 degree fever! Rocking good times

Mike Vlog 001 – Why are you vlogging?

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I realized I haven't been treating YouTube like the other social networking services... What do you guys think?

November Announcement!

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Wanted to give you guys a quick head's up on the changes for November and December as well as throw down The New Tech November Nerdcore Challenge. Watch the quick video for details, but essentially, we will have a ...

Mike and J.J. saw Godzilla

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Mike and J.J. give a full breakdown on Godzilla immediately walking out of the theater... and Mike holds nothing back. Spoilers abound in this short clip.

Mike Vlog 004 – What happened to TNTE8

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Mike takes a bit of time to explain what happened with Episode 008 of The New Tech and the small technical difficulties that prevented the on time release.

Mike Vlog 002 – Introducing Matt to vlogging

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Yep... not much happened this week. So... DEAL WITH IT. But I think Matt has a vlog post coming... go to his channel and subscribe... I'm gonna make him do posts every week too...

I love the Internet … part 2

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Earlier this year I wrote a blog post talking about how much I love the Internet for its creativity... the emulation in a browser of games, devices, etc... You can read that HERE if you missed it. This blog post is ...

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