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Well after some blood, sweat and tears, we've finally pushed out the new version of and we are really excited about the changes! We've heard in the past from some viewers that they were unaware when new...

I love the Internet

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Seriously. I freaking love the Internet... and its not for the easily accessible and high grade porn that is so feverishly splayed across almost every page of the place either. I love the Internet because of the crea...

Mike Vlog 005 – Meetings and BTS Plans

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Mike talks about the meeting Matt, Mike, and Wess had as well as the reason the Behind The Scenes hasn't arrived yet... He also shows off the arcade a bit.

Mike Vlog 006 – Podcast Pimpin

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Mike takes a quick minute to pimp out The New Tech Podcast Network

A Site To Remember

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Over the years of wasting time on the internet I have found many sites focused solely on passing time, though none of them motivated me to push my technological creativity more than To be honest Grynx wa...

Mike Vlog 007 – Project Peaks and iTunes Links

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Don't mind me... I'm starting to fiddle with links in videos (can't link to itunes)... if you wanna click through to:

Content Delivery Changes Coming Soon!

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After the first live show... we got to talking. Talking about the types of content we are currently putting out, and the types of content we WILL be putting out in the future... and we came up with a plan. This plan...

Wess Vlog 001 – Because Mike Told Me To!

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November Announcement!

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Wanted to give you guys a quick head's up on the changes for November and December as well as throw down The New Tech November Nerdcore Challenge. Watch the quick video for details, but essentially, we will have a ...


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Mike talks a bit about TNTLIVE004 and TNTE009, but then goes off on all the social networking links...

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