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Mike and J.J. saw Godzilla

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Mike and J.J. give a full breakdown on Godzilla immediately walking out of the theater... and Mike holds nothing back. Spoilers abound in this short clip.


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Mike talks a bit about TNTLIVE004 and TNTE009, but then goes off on all the social networking links...

Wess Vlog 001 – Because Mike Told Me To!

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Mike Vlog 007 – Project Peaks and iTunes Links

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Don't mind me... I'm starting to fiddle with links in videos (can't link to itunes)... if you wanna click through to:

Mike Vlog 006 – Podcast Pimpin

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Mike takes a quick minute to pimp out The New Tech Podcast Network

Mike Vlog 005 – Meetings and BTS Plans

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Mike talks about the meeting Matt, Mike, and Wess had as well as the reason the Behind The Scenes hasn't arrived yet... He also shows off the arcade a bit.

Mike Vlog 004 – What happened to TNTE8

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Mike takes a bit of time to explain what happened with Episode 008 of The New Tech and the small technical difficulties that prevented the on time release.

Mike Vlog 003 – What have I been doing?

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Mike discusses this week... the upcoming week... his plans for today... and ... ehh. It's 5 minutes. Just watch it. Also, go watch Matt's stuff... And go check out The C...

Matt Vlog 001 – Sick and hating it

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So this is my first vlog entry inspired by Mike. It also happens to be the time when I was sick as a dog with a 102.5 degree fever! Rocking good times

Mike Vlog 002 – Introducing Matt to vlogging

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Yep... not much happened this week. So... DEAL WITH IT. But I think Matt has a vlog post coming... go to his channel and subscribe... I'm gonna make him do posts every week too...

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