If you missed out on the second LIVE show:

Now you can catch up with Matt, Mike, and Wess in the recording of the second LIVE episode of The New Tech…

Watch the guys take on subjects like Legalized Marijuana to the new iPad Mini… from Disney’s Star Wars takeover and Windows 8 and horror flicks…




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  • Radau 5 years ago

    Woo finally posted, pretty great live show. We should all have a game night some time too.

  • Radau 5 years ago

    Probably a LAN party of some kind, maybe like Quake or Tremulous or something that everyone can play.

  • Radau!!! logicslayer!!! Forbode!!! ANYBODY!!! Yes… a game night does sound fun… Need to collab and figure out best way to get this accomplished… perhaps start a new thread in community projects?!