After the first live show… we got to talking.

Talking about the types of content we are currently putting out, and the types of content we WILL be putting out in the future… and we came up with a plan.

This plan will change how we deliver content to you as a consumer of said content, so we figure we should tell you a bit about it.

Currently, we have a single feed. Either in RSS form or iTunes subscription. This feed contains both the produced episodes as well as the behind the scenes content. This will no longer be happening… sorta.

The feed will be broken apart into the following parts:

1) Produced Episodic Content, or “Episodes” (These are the things we’ve been putting out every other month for a year).

2) Live Episodic Content, or “LIVE shows” (These are the thing we started doing on October 15th)

3) Behind the Scenes, or “Behind the Scenes” (These are the outtakes, stories, interviews, etc that occur during the filming process of the episodes)

We feel like its in everyone’s best interest to split the content out so people SOLELY interested in the episodic content doesn’t have to muddy up their feed with BTS or LIVE stuff if they don’t want to.

We are currently talking about creating an über feed that will contain ALL the content, but not quite sure how to accomplish that with little to no extra work on our part just yet…

SOON, even this will get messy… as we grow and start adding audio podcasts to The New Tech Podcast Network… we will have a feed for each of those hosted here, as well as a conglomerate feed for all of those podcasts distributed through the podcast network… so far, we have a few different podcasts planned… we are just designing a way to display the content on the site and deliver the content in simply.

Which would add a fourth feed for your RSS or iTunes choices… as well as all the other podcasts within the network… so that’s gonna get content crazy.

Changes coming soon… so stay tuned for another announcement later when its done… or else your feed will just drop into Episodes only magically when you aren’t looking.

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