Episode 4 brings both our ESXi Home Lab, and XBOX 360 Fightstick conversion projects to a conclusion.

BIG COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS in this episode, so PLEASE watch the whole thing!


Matt goes over how to install ESXi without the use of a CD-ROM drive, or a remote access controller.

For the followup blog posts on how to configure persistent storage, as well as installing vCenter, check below.
ESXi Home Lab Post Install Tasks – Part 1
ESXi Home Lab Post Install Tasks – Part 2 (Coming Soon)

Remember, that most VMware products come with a 60 Day Trial that can be utilized with all features enabled.  So don’t be afraid to try it out yourself!


Wess is back to wrap up the XBOX 360 arcade fightstick mod.

The buttons and joysticks are Suzo-Happ’s which you can find here http://na.suzohapp.com/

Obviously we would have liked to… ehh nevermind you’ll just have to watch!





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  • Chris 5 years ago

    Awesome episode guys! I’m definitely going to setup a similar ESXi home lab once I get the funds!