Well after some blood, sweat and tears, we’ve finally pushed out the new version of TheNewTech.tv and we are really excited about the changes!

We’ve heard in the past from some viewers that they were unaware when new episodes were posted unless they looked at their feed, and also that they have missed an episode or behind the scenes if they weren’t checking on the correct day.

We’ve tried to remedy this by placing a recent episodes slider on the main page, and tweets from The New Tech hosts to the right of this “spotlight” area.

In addition we’ve reformatted the community posts to be more prominent, as well as highlighting more posts on the front page. We’ve made it easier for people to contribute by also removing the specific “community” category by making all posts by either users or hosts in the 4 different categories show in the “Community Posts” section. We’ll also be changing up the categories to fit what we’re posting, and try to generalize these categories a little more, but that will come with time.

In addition to the website, we’ve changed our forum software, and have installed new bridge software which allows us some really cool features as far as community engagement goes.

Now when you create a contributing post, or we release an episode, previously there were two different places where you could leave a comment. 1) In the actual post comments or 2) In the forums that were linked. Now though, when site posts or episodes are created, a forum post is also automatically created, and the post / forum comments are linked. This is going to be a great way to spur conversations on topics as previously if there were comments in the forums, people may not have known to check.

If you have any comments about the new site / forums, please let us know!

Thanks again!

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