April 23rd, 2011… I showed Matt Lestock what became the Teaser Trailer for The New Tech… Matt immediately (as he is prone to do) ran off and registered http://thenewtech.tv and uploaded the video to YouTube under a newly minted channel, NewTechMatt. We had no idea how we were going to pull this off… but damnit, we were determined to do it. We publicly made a deadline of Summer 2011… This was going to be a challenge.

We started planning different types of segments, project ideas, and banking them on Google Wave so we would never be at a loss for content. We knew it would be too much for just the two of us to handle so we reached out to some of our friends, Wess Tobler and Chris Gerling. Both Chris and Wess liked the idea of a community-centric concept, but all of us had no idea how to get it started. The first episode was looming in the distance and nothing was shot yet. We had pages of projects listed out that we would LIKE to do, we had 7 different TYPES of segments we were excited about, but we hadn’t filmed a damn thing yet.

Knowing that Wess was in Colorado and Chris was a busy man in Richmond, Matt and I decided to knock out the first episode with just the two of us… and we wanted to introduce some of the elements that we would hope would eventually become mainstays in the program: The project, the tech challenge, and the tech war. After some mixed reviews on feedback, we took our time getting things together for Episode 2.

Episode 2 brought Wess back in front of the camera, albeit for only a few minutes, but it was still a fantastic shoot. The editing of the episodes progressed from the iMovie BS that was the first episode to the Final Cut Pro X BS… and Episode three will bring it even further along technically. I’m working on creating Motion 5 animations and title transitions for future updates as well…

Really though, the unsung heroes of all this hubbub over the last year can only be the community. Without everyone chipping in and doing their part, none of this would have ever worked. Not one damn bit.

By watching, sharing your opinions, contributing articles, videos, project ideas, tech challenge submissions, critiques, or other random inputs… you are what truly motivates us. I’m being totally sappy right now, but its true.


So, hopefully this next calendar year will see at least 6 episodes released (next one being 5/15) along with content from you, smaller shorts from Me, Matt, or Wess… articles written by any of us… whatever you feel like writing/filming/discussing… we should see a website redesign as well that should even the playing field between community content and the main episodes (which should start having community content in them as well soon)… and hopefully we will get some New Tech gear to spread the love around with…

Don’t be afraid to be a part of the action either… if you want to get some reassurance about your idea, head over to http://thenewtech.tv/live and hop in the IRC Channel and ask the guys in their if they think your idea is interesting… The Community is honest, open, kind, and best of all… helpful. If your idea has merit at all, they will help you get it to the level you want it to be.

Once again, thank you all for everything… even if its just giving me shit on a daily… you know who you are.

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