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Episode 1

Release Date: September 21, 2011
In this episode:

  • Motion Detecting Webcam w/ Email Notifications
  • Mac vs PC Media Ripping Tech War

Starring: Matt, Mike

In this episode, Matt and I tackle only a couple topics, but the episode still weighs in at a hefty 36 minutes. We cover how to create a Motion Detecting Webcam with Email Notifications in our PROJECT segment, and we battle it out in the first of our Tech Wars. It was Mac vs PC in a Media Ripping throw down.

Episode 1 was an adventure in filming (as I hope most of our episodes will be). Matt and I are good friends and neighbors first and foremost. Working together on a camera and off a camera is a little different than you would immediately assume. We had ideas that were spot on, and some that were outlandish, but the key thing we held on to throughout the filming process was that we were here to have fun. We know it took us a LOOOOONG time to get the episode together, and we’re sorry for that. It shouldn’t happen again. We have a process down now that should get things done faster. It took at least a month to find our stride in melding together on screen.

In order to truly encapsulate the good times and fun involved in making this episode (and hopefully each episode afterwards), I will be putting together a “Behind the scenes” video of outtakes and other goodies… of which there is no shortage. It should be complete before the weekend is out. So, stay tuned for that!

Now go watch Episode 1 if you haven’t already! Then, head over to the forums to blast us in the Episode Review thread:
Episode 1 Discussion

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