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Mike and J.J. saw Godzilla

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Mike and J.J. give a full breakdown on Godzilla immediately walking out of the theater... and Mike holds nothing back. Spoilers abound in this short clip.

Obsoleet s02e02 – RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi

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Obsoleet s02e02 - RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi Stream from Stream from Stream from Direct download from (720p/1080p h264) Show Notes In this episode, we run RISC OS...

Obsoleet s02e01 – Commodore Floppy Copy

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Obsoleet s02e01 - Commodore Floppy Copy Stream from Stream from Stream from Direct download from (720p/1080p h264) Show Notes First episode for the new season, usi...

Mike and Matt saw Oblivion

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It's Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, and a hot red head.  What more can you ask for?

Mike and Matt saw Pain & Gain

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It's not what you thought it was going to be. But ultimately Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the fucking man!

TNTLIVE004 – From BitCoin Mining to Windows Metro Designing

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Join Matt, Mike, and Wess in this action packed drunken slop-fest of an episode where the boys take you down the road and back again. They discuss K-mart, Boston, Bitcoins, Windows, Porn, Chinese Food, and more... ...


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Mike talks a bit about TNTLIVE004 and TNTE009, but then goes off on all the social networking links...

Wess Vlog 001 – Because Mike Told Me To!

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Mike Vlog 007 – Project Peaks and iTunes Links

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Don't mind me... I'm starting to fiddle with links in videos (can't link to itunes)... if you wanna click through to:

BTS008 – Condescension and Understanding

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Watch Matt mess up and then talk about the past year and that which has yet to come to pass... oooohhhhhh spoooookkkyyyyy. And we miss Paul. Good info and smiles in this Behind The Scenes for The New Tech - Epis...

Mike and Matt saw G.I. Joe: Retaliation

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Seriously, save yourself the trouble and watch this instead of the movie.

Mike Vlog 006 – Podcast Pimpin

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Mike takes a quick minute to pimp out The New Tech Podcast Network

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